Hiring - all you need to know

The campers have so much to offer it's difficult to cover everything but we'll give it a shot!   If there's anything you think we've missed just give us a call or send an email from the contact form.

Are there any restrictions on who can be a driver?

Ages: If you're lucky enough to be under 25, or unlucky enough to be over 70 then you'll need to give us a call to check with our insurers. 

Licences: You'll also need a full UK licence held for at least 12 months, or an overseas licence held for 24 months.

Our insurance company will allow us to accept other hirers with small surcharges as follows:-

Extra drivers -  Third extra driver can be added with additional charge at £5 per day per driver 

Non standard ages - Aged between 21 and 25 -  £5 per day per driver and must have licence for 24 months

Over 70 - please contact us

Points on licence - Up to 3 points - no charge

4-6 points £3 a day per licence

Over 6 points means we have to ask our insurance company.

Overseas visitors or licence holders - Overseas driver or licence incurs additional tariff of £5 a day

Unacceptable risks - Unfortunately our insurers prevent us from accepting some non standard risks and we have summarised these here.

Undergraduates or students under 25 years of age

Persons suffering from any mental or physical defect or infirmity or suffers from fits, diabetes or any heart complaint affecting their ability to drive safely

Persons who have had their insurance declined and/or renewal refused and/or special insurance terms imposed as a result of claims experience and/or  have had their insurance or cover cancelled by any Motor Insurer.

However please consult our terms and conditions for the exhaustive list and always give us a call as we may be able to make arrangements with our insurers.

Bicycles - can we bring our bikes with us or do you hire them out? 

Yes.  A rack is supplied free of charge and will hold up to four adult bikes with key operated locks for security.  

If you haven't room to bring your own bikes with you then you might want to think about hiring from us.  It can be really handy to jump on a bike if you're staying at a campsite and the nearest shop or bar is a little way away - and there are some lovely cycle routes that can be enjoyed.  

Hire a mountain bike for £15 a week.

The rack and bikes lock onto the camper although we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.  

Can I take the camper aboard?

Yes you can.  With the addition of the Euro Pack you will be fully covered for insurance and breakdown cover and we will include all of the bits you need to make sure that you don't fall foul of local regulations.  The additional cost for this £12.50 a day. It cover European insurance and AA European Assist for peace of mind.

Can you arrange delivery or pick me up?

There are direct trains from London Victoria and London Canon Street to Herne Bay  so we can pick you up at Herne Bay mainline station FREE OF CHARGE.

If you are arriving at a channel port or airport do ask when you book as we may be able to meet you at additional cost or arrange a transfer.

Can you look after my car?

There is plenty of free parking available although please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for your vehicle whilst you are hiring from us.

Can you recommend any campsites?

There are loads of really good campsites out there and we would recommend that you check out the Cool Camping guides for some great ideas.  The camper will also have copies of these guides on board for your use whilst you are using the camper.  

We would recommend that you book in advance in the busy Summer months.

Collecting the Camper - Do I get shown how everything works?

The VW California is such an amazing van it would be a shame not to get the most out of it on your holiday - that's why we like to take the time to show you around properly.  Please allow 45 minutes for the handover.

Safety briefing & use of Gas

Driving controls, cruise control, sat nav, Hi Fi, CD changer

Vehicle condition inspection

Routine maintenance and details of hirer's responsibilities

Operation of roof mechanism

Cooker, sink, fridge and heating controls


Opening and closing the sun awning

Bike rack

Comfort features eg Air-safe, mosquito netting, insulation, curtains

Don't worry about remembering every detail - it's all covered in plain English in the Camper Manual together with the VW handbooks which will be in the campervan.

Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance for your holiday as our insurance only covers you for driving the camper.  If you were to lose or damage any personal possessions or have you trip cancelled or curtailed due to illness or family bereavement this would not be covered under our insurance.

Do we need to bring our own bedding and towels?

If you have room in the car we would recommend that you bring your own.  If you're coming on the train or have just arrived by plan this wont be a great option for you so we are able to make available towels and bedding at additional cost.  Please see rates for details.

Do you have any tents or gazebos available for hire?

Yes, we have a fantastic Khyam Motordome drive away awning, a two man, a four man tent and a large hexagonal gazebo available for hire which will give you extra living space which is nice to have if you are on a longer trip and plan to stay put for a time.  

Hire rates for the drive away awning is £50 for the week and the tents £30 for a week or £20 for a weekend/short break.

Is there a fridge in the camper?

There is a large 42 litre chest fridge, with temperature that can be controlled down to minus 20!  The fridge is powered by the leisure battery which is recharged when you are driving or connected to external power.  When you're not connected the fridge will run for a day or so depending on the outside temperature.  Don't worry, when the battery power gets low it will switch itself off and the contents stay cold for ages.

Is there a tow bar available?

Yes, a tow bar is fitted so that you can take your jet ski, boat, or trailer tent with you. Please note that our insurance only covers the camper and therefore would recommend that you cover whatever you are towing with appropriate insurance.  

You will also need to ensure that you comply with relevant road safety measures for displaying the number plate and lights/reflectors.

Pets - Can I bring my dog?

Give us a call to let us know all about your doggy and we will see what we can do!  

What are the campers like to drive?

The VW California - Really easy with all the controls just like a VW Golf.  The left hand driving position is really good especially when you're on the Continent, and here in the UK it presents no problems due to the high up driving position.

Although there's loads of room in the camper, you'll have no problems parking as it fits in a normal car parking space and under most height restriction barriers.

On a long run the cruise control is wonderful and we normally manage over 35 mpg.

What are the dimensions of the vans?

Useful to know if you're off to France on the ferry.  Without the bike rack the Camper will go as a standard car although with it you may have to pay a little extra. Give us a call.

VW T4 dimensions

Width 215 cm (including mirrors)

Height 197 cm

Length (without rack attached) 485 cm

Length (with bike rack attached but not folded down) 498 cm

Length (with bike rack folded down and in use) 547 cm

6 berth dimensions

Height 298 cm

Length 698 cm

What happens if we break down?

Our vans are maintained to the highest standards and the VW California is renowned for reliability.  However, for your peace of mind we have provided full AA breakdown cover which covers you for the whole of the UK (and Europe if you have selected this additional option when booking) 24 hours a day.  Each Camper has a folder with contact details for the AA together with our own emergency contact number.

What should we bring with us?

Although the campervan is well designed with lots of storage, from personal experience we would recommend that you pack light. 

What type of Campers do you have?

We spent a lot of time investigating the best combination of comfort, style and practicality and the modern T5 VW California came out tops!  Whilst the 'classic' VW has undeniable retro charm, when you're on a long journey the T5 offers the comfort of air conditioning, cruise control, Sat Nav, power steering and a powerful turbo diesel engine. 

With comfortable captains seats in the front and a bench seat in the back you will arrive at your destination relaxed and fresh.

Your safety is ensured with ABS, traction control, disc brakes all round and front and side air bag protection. 

If you want to come and have a look in advance of booking please let us know and we will arrange it for you.

What's included in the price?

We don't like the idea of paying for lots of costly extras when we go and hire something - so why should you? 

For a full list please see the prices page.

Where do I collect the camper?

Have a look in the Find Us section.

Will our child seat fit?

It should, but give us a call in advance.  The VW campers have modern 3 point seat belts fitted to each of the four seats, the 6 berth has four 3 point belts and two lap belts for the rearward facing seats and the Peugeot has three three point seatbelts as standard.


Will we be comfortable if it's too hot or cold?

On your adventures you want to make sure you're ready for whatever Mother Nature can think up.  So if you're going away in the peak summer months or in the depths of winter there are some handy extras you might want to think about taking.  To save you having to think too hard we've put together a bundle for the extremes of weather you might encounter.

Summer fun

If you are on a summer break, especially on the Continent, the evenings can be very warm.  We want to make sure you get a good night's sleep and have included the Air-Safe, which allows the rear door to be kept open for a lovely breeze, but still be totally safe and secure.  Up top there are zipped fly screens which open to help the breeze flow through the Camper.  And if it's really hot, we even provide a fan!

Airsafe     Airsafe2

Winter adventures

If you're on winter travels, perhaps climbing, skiing or walking it's really important to come back after a long day to a lovely warm toasty Camper - not a damp cold one.  The thermostatic heater which is built in as standard and can even be set on the timer so that you return to a lovely warm home from home.

Winter extras - To complete the winter preparations our extra insulation for the pop top and windows can be supplied together with snow chains, 

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