Down through Italy

We were really impressed with the bars and restaurants of Chamonix, so much so that the next day didn't start too early.

A quick ride into Chamonix to a great Deli and the fridge was well stocked up with local hams and cheeses and fresh bread for breakfast.  Using two gigantic granite boulders as a table we enjoyed watching the Paragliders land just feet them the campervan.  It appears that we were parked next to the Chamonix Parapenting School.

CIMG2000         Wild Camping in the Alps with

Our route to Italy lay underneath Europe's highest mountain, though the 40 Euro 7.5 mile Mont Blanc tunnel into the Aosta Valley Italy!  After the tragic fire in 1999 the tunnel was closed for three years whilst safety systems were improved and now vehicles travel through at intervals with plenty of safety information provided at the entrance.  Still, it was great to emerge into the bright Italian sunshine in Cormayeur at the top of the Aosta Valley.  

Mont Blanc tunnel entrance            Aosta Valley by Cormayeur in a Camper

The Italian Autostrada is a quick way to travel from the north to the south of the country and marvel at the scenery which changed from the rugged peaks of the Alps to the rice growing plains between Turin and Milan.  And once again the traffic was terrible...

Italian Autoroute         Planis between Milan and Turin friom an Offshore Camper

Having left Chamonix at midday we decided to stop the night near Ancona on Italy's Adriatic coast.  With the camper you can just stop where you want rather than having to plan your whole trip in advance.  Just off the autostrada we stumbled across a hilltop town called  Recanati with stunning views towards the sea and free camping provided by the local camping club - including electric hook up and water, all within a few minutes of the town square! 

The Adriatic from Recanati village from           Recanati camping club grounds

And the best Pizza ever!!

Recanati Camping Club           Italian Pizza

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